Walmart will hire an expert in cryptocurrency and digital payments

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North America’s largest retailer, Walmart, wants to hire cryptocurrencies and digital payments experts. The role of these implementations will be to develop a digital payment strategy and a product roadmap.

Is Walmart looking to enter the crypto scene?

Walmart may make moves to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, although no details have been provided. Most likely, if this is bound to happen, it might become a reality for USA residents to purchase their everyday needs from the considerable retailer using BTC.

Being one of the largest retailers and e-commerce companies, Walmart is always looking to offer its customers a wide range of payment options. The giant retailer has no less than 10,500 stores worldwide and also selling products online.

Building a roadmap for cryptocurrencies

Walmart’s position is looking for an “expert in digital currencies/cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-related technologies” who will “lead the vision for the product and capabilities roadmap.”

The successful applicant would also identify investments and possibly manage blockchain strategies, the announcement states.

The basic requirements for this position have a bachelor’s degree, more than ten years of experience in product or program management, technology marketing, and experience with the cryptocurrency ecosystem and related technologies.

The position announcement comes less than a month after the retail rival giant, Amazon, published its announcement – an open job looking for an experienced product leader in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

At the end of July, Amazon’s payment processing team posted an announcement for an “experienced product leader to develop Amazon’s digital currency and blockchain strategy and roadmap.”

The move has sparked widespread speculation that the online shopping giant would accept cryptocurrencies, although Amazon has denied any reports of accepting BTC.

The race for joining the crypto world

Two years ago, Walmart applied for a patent for a blockchain that would automate the process of fulfilling and dispatching orders. However, since then, there hasn’t been any more news regarding this.

In December 2020, Walmart was incorporated into the StormX blockchain-based rewards platform. StormX offered a 4% “Cryptoback” incentive for all Walmart purchases at the time.

Walmart has also tested multiple times experimenting with blockchain technology for non-financial purposes, such as tracking orders and essential items such as food using blockchain technology.

It’s only a matter of time before one of the world’s retail giants opens its doors by allowing crypto payments. When that happens, and it will undoubtedly do so, the rest sellers will follow pretty quickly.

Walmart – What does this mean for BTC?

It seems like cryptocurrencies are on the final road to global acceptance. If giants such as Walmart and Amazon will successfully implement blockchain technology into their business, we’ll see a vast increase in cryptocurrency interest among the world’s population.

This may be the moment we’ve all been getting ready for, as recently, lots of news came up about huge companies starting to accept BTC. Ever since Elon Musk decided to accept payments in Bitcoin for Tesla, the number of companies adopting or implementing blockchain technology has only been rising. Amongst those businesses are the Pavilion Hotels & Resorts in Hong Kong, AXA Insurance, Microsoft, Starbucks – and, without a doubt, there will be many more to follow this trend.

Global acceptance means that everyone on the planet will have at least heard about crypto and probably begin using Bitcoin and other digital assets for their purchases. Providing the bull market we are already in will most certainly drive the prices further and further. Simply put, this is another piece of really bullish news for us!

Whaletank Team

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