this market played us all

This Market Played Us All

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As we can all see how dangerous this market played us all, but we can’t blame anyone, these market moves are COMPLETELY out of our control and any other investor. I love how I see people get excited over some chump change. Please remember that FED’s rising interest rates will cause Crypto ONLY followers to jump into the Crypto space for the “Just in case/FOMO” buy.

In the next 24 hrs, I will be performing hard research on where this will play out. Please don’t blame the WT team or anyone for that matter, understand that the Bulls are trying really hard to maintain and hold strong support lines and they don’t want to let go, it is inevitable. The current market as a whole is facing lots of uncertainty as to which direction we are heading. Remember, for a REAL Bullrun to happen adoption has to be 100% fiat is overinflated but still, in control, these $300, 500, $1, 2k pumps are in my opinion not going to get far, again, I could be wrong but the market is not safe enough for financial institutions to rake up on Crypto without proper regulatory measures in place, they are too traditional and “by the book” to make any wild moves on such a speculative market like Crypto.

With holidays in front of us, i cant see why investors or people new to this space will buy into this black hole (???). Sentiment is still down on major indexes, and Crypto will usually correlate with Stock market movement. Play it safe, i’m currently in a neutral position until i see a safer sentiment in the market, i honestly don’t see an actual Bullrun until next year, “if that” but that’s just me. I’m seeing too many signs for a bear market ahead of us. Keep in mind that bulls are desperate and just cant accept BTC dropping any lower, but it is what it is, sometimes you just have to give up and ride the wave. I expect the next few days to see a slight increase, excellent for day traders bad for investors, volatilty will get you, maintain a safe position, hold small positions in btc not 50 – 100%, expect losing some money if you have positions in btc unless you are strong daytrader and have proper risk management techniques in place.

Please remember guys the Stock Market/Crypto/Forex = Casino. If you guys can’t handle gambling pressure then this space is not for you. You have to have leather skin or you won’t make it.

Premium or Not, WT can only work with what the market has in play, don’t expect miracles to happen here or anywhere, what we CAN offer is loyalty, integrity, and a professional relationship with members but this market is brutal and time will show us who the true gladiators are and will remain standing. I am in it to the end, you guys decide where you want to stand. Remember to only invest your play money, not grocery, car payment, or Xmas money, and be prepared to take a few punches here and there.

Thank you and I will try to follow with a more technical update later today or tomorrow, I admit it is very psychologically challenging even for me but I’m a fighter and won’t let the market get the best of me.

Crypto_Lex, WhaleTank ūüėä

Whaletank Team

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