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Take Responsibility

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Every trader need to make his own decisions when it comes to what he want to do, go long, short, hold cash positions and standby.

Please don’t ever blame any youtuber or any signal source for any losses.

Remember that bitcoin is the MOST volatile asset at this time and it swings violently so there are multiple factors in & out of the charts that can always make it a 50/50 play at this time. Charts, TAs and news are just tools but you the investor/trader make it happen.

The Stock Market & Crypto is nothing more than legal gambling and a large digital casino so play wisely and if you lose then you can either get back up and continue or stay down and exit.

My opinion is that I feel bitcoin is artificially being pumped at this time and it is still in the correction phase not ready for Bullrun but that is just my opinion, maybe I’ll miss the train but maybe it plays my way and I win, but its 50/50 for me right now. Like I said , I observe micromovements and other outside indicators, poor volume, slow uptrend with a very uncertain beat that tells me its not ready for real pump but who knows I could be 100% absolutely wrong and if I fail then it only allows me to become a more knowledgeable trader investor as I will go back and re-strategize my studies, then I will come back smarter so its a win-win for me. But you guys play based on your risk tolerance and current positions, long or short term goals. We are here for you as support but its your move at the end.

Whaletank Team

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