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Star Trek goes where no other NFT has reached: DNA

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“El Primero”, which means “The First” in Spanish is the first “live” NFT that immortalizes a huge economic moment in the history of Science Fiction by merging future technology with the history of Star Trek. Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry’s signature has gone boldly where no NFT has ever reached – in the code of life itself, DNA.

In 1965, Roddenberry signed a contract with Lucille Ball’s Desilu Productions to finance Star Trek. On November 30, that signature was transformed into a non-fungible symbol (NFT) and implanted in the DNA code of a living bacterial cell – 30 years after the death of the SF legend, according to

Roddenberry Entertainment has described it as the first “Living Eco-NFT” and “the perfect intersection of science and science fiction”. The piece will replicate and grow as the organism’s cells divide.

“As long as the bacteria survive, the cell can grow at twice the rate it would produce more than a billion copies of Eco-NFTs overnight.”

It is currently on display as a piece of art entitled “El Primero” – meaning “The First” in Spanish – and is located in Miami during Art Basel 2021.

The CEO of Rational Vaccines and Emmy-winning director Agustin Fernandez collaborated in the creation of this NFT. He said that “Storing information in DNA represents a whole new class of possibility when it comes to data collection,”.

“It provides sustainable, eco-friendly storage with an exponentially larger capacity than anything currently offered on the market.”

NFTs live on the Solana blockchain (SOL) with support from Metaplex Studios

The “El Primero” NFT will be stored on the blockchain of Solana, a cryptocurrency that is beginning to separate itself more and more from the big part of the crypto market that mostly runs on the ETH blockchain.

As the crypto industry continues to grow we will most likely begin seeing more technology and new inventions than ever. This NFT is definitely a first, as the original idea of an NFT is that it cannot be replicated – but with the case of the Gene Roddenberry NFT, it will replicate along with the DNA in which it is stored. However, there will always be the original one, which is what people refer to as “El Primero”.

“Solana Blockchain provides an extremely energy-efficient platform for building NFT creators,” that artists can rely on, said Stephen Hayes, the current interim CEO of Metaplex Studios.

Dr. Paul Predky was the one in charge of encoding NFT digital data into a DNA sequence and then storing the same DNA in a naturally self-replicating bacterial cell. This is truly something that has never been done before – and it could become a huge thing potentially.

Star Trek NFT History

Despite this, Star Trek is without a doubt no stranger to collectibles or NFT. In July 2020, Star Trek fans bought 125,000 NFT trading cards with “Captain Kirk” William Shatner on the WAX ​​Blockchain. Just a bit earlier, on June 2020, Shatner talked about NFTs in a Cointelegraph Magazine interview, saying that “The revolution is coming not only in the streets but in the ether. This is the revolution of knowledge.”

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