Yellow zone is defended by big limit seller.

Price is under resistance and it's logically that there is no interest for long position of a big players. That's why this buying volume we see is not volume for continuation of price rising.

Speculants just buying into limit sell orders of big player(s).

Also, we see Bid domination in orderbook. 

Sometimes 300 BTC bid appears and disappears, It causes FOMO for small speculants.

In case we have rising wedge pattern, we should see some more small pumps in case big player buying into his own limit sell orders to show small speculants presence of a buyer.

Rising wedge ends in 2 days and soon we should see a big move.

Scenario 1:

Fakeout up -> small flat accumulation and dump.

Scenario 2: 

Dump from current prices because a lot of people waiting $4150 zone to short #XBT and another half are in a long position.