Is Solana a winner? A veteran trader shows why SOL is a skyrocket

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A famous trader shows why SOL might be ready to take flight and have its price going “to the moon”. The influencer suggests that the Solana smart contract platform (SOL) could be the fastest horse on this ongoing crypto-bull market.

The crypto trader and analyst are known as Canterin Clark share his thoughts regarding a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with his 76,000 followers daily. His tweets are known for getting lots of hype and reaching many people interested in the already growing community of crypto trading.

He notes that even though Bitcoin received all the attention during its $60,000 rally, SOL quietly outperformed the rest of the market.

“There are so many reasons to have been long SOL to this point. Do you see the trend yet? Even on a day where Bitcoin is the main show, Sol is outperforming. Fast horse.”

Source: Cantering Clark / Twitter

Solana (SOL) is a fantastic project that is getting a lot of coverage lately. Instead of other alts, Solana uses a different type of approach – combining Proof-of-History (POH) with Proof-of-Stake (POS), unlike ETH and BTC, coins that only use Proof-of-Work (POW).

The Executive Chairman of Power Ledger, Dr. Jemma Green, stated: “Our new blockchain platform based on Solana will be tens of thousands of times faster than Ethereum but also energy efficient. As we started this project to allow renewables to be scaled, part of our mission is to be light on our carbon footprint.”

Thus, it’s not hard to see why Clark seems to be so bullish when it comes to SOL. The cryptocurrency is, without any doubt, a fantastic project that appears to have a very bright future.

Solana – Clark’s opinion on Bitcoin

Looking at Bitcoin and crypto markets in general, the trader says he keeps his prospects simple. He sees the upcoming launch of a Bitcoin-traded fund (ETF) as a bullish catalyst to facilitate higher prices. We all know by now that the Bitcoin ETF is the main reason behind the current bull market we are currently in – something that many traders had been expecting for a long time.

“How many people are going to get long as hell thinking each confirmation is going to yield a higher result?”, Clark said. “I believe in the inefficiency of this market. ETF = ATH.”. Here, we can see Clark pointing out that the news regarding the Bitcoin ETF is pushing Bitcoin to a New All-Time High.

According to Canterin Clark, Bitcoin will take over most of the capital flows that will move in the short term. He says he expects altcoins not to perform better than BTC.

“If you think Bitcoin is going to break the ATH soon and you are also positioned heavily in alts, maybe rethink that…

Because when Bitcoin breaks, the ATH alts are going to get cut down. So yes, the post makes sense.”

Whaletank Team

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