Merry Christmas to all Whale Tank members, hope your holidays are blessed with lots of health and good fortune. 

Well, as you all may know the Fed decided to raise rates this past week and investors did not take it lightly. Despite the dovish tone indicating an ease on monetary tightening in 2019, investors started selling and it carried on for the rest of the week. 

Investors who kept their position for the week are hoping the Santa Claus rally will finally take place this week. However, seasonality has not been in the bulls favor this year so its not something to be expected. 

I'm keeping it short for the holiday and I think its a good idea for everybody to get their mind off the ugly action this week for the rest of the weekend.

Merry Christmas and lets have a better New Year 2019. Lots of great things in the upcoming years and crypto seems to have a bright future. 

Please dont let this volatilty get the best of you, the WT Team has been carefully observing this market, i have been trying to follow the micromovements but it has not been easy trying to keep up with it as it is obviously still showing signs of manipulation.

Keep in mind that market investors who had heavy positions within equities, fang stocks and other investments felt the need to hedge their funds into Crypto as a means of protecting their capital, cutting losses and waiting for a proper market correction to transition back into Stocks. It will be an interesting new year thats for sure. Most of these sudden pumps are just fomo/bull pumps and will have an end.

Crypto_Lex, WhaleTank