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Crypto Believers Will Never Be Scared

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BTC has been showing continuous weakness, volumes aren’t really there just sell-off volume for those checking out, buy orders for new guys who are stepping up to the plate under the $3 – 4k FOMO with the investors who believe that this is the true bottom. I personally can’t see why a true Bullrun to $10k + will happen with no massive adoption yet. We need to get many involved and transactions need to be simplified to a way where even the elderly can buy groceries with Crypto.

The market is a gamble, I had something good to say but I just deleted it, ill keep it to myself, the true crypto believers like myself will never be scared off by anything and I haven’t been wrong all year and its currently still playing as I expected, but I am going to hold back and let the market play, I won’t provide anymore market/psychoanalysis but I will still be around for this team and chat. I’ll handle this market my way and capitalize when necessary, I think members who quit are just weak hands and when it all is ready and set to pop we will see who sticks around, I know many of us took a hit and get nervous about further losses, but you must be able to cope with emotion, don’t let this market get the best of you, always be prepared for anything, expect the unexpected, take proper risk management and don’t take anything personally or this large casino will swallow you whole. I am here for you all but if my analysis scares you then I will keep it to myself, I only speak the truth, that’s why I am here, not negative just what the market shows, take it or leave it, I’m not going to sugar coat it or provide false hopes.

There’s a lot of sentiment in this chat and some of you seem agitated, scared or hurt, you shouldn’t be. Let’s ride this wave together and come out on top. Lots of good things coming our way and WT will prevail in the long run above another in the Telegram Community and out of it.

Nothing confusing here, I follow the market, its architecture, what it stands for, the psychology and news that drives it, and additionally, I gather the market intel and provide analysis without much of the TAs only because in this year alone we have seen that TAs have not played in anyone’s way including the so-called market experts. There is no easy way or true technical way to predict the market movement when it has been artificially pumped, we see it right before our eyes, blame it on the news, the scammers and bitconnect/usi tech, and others who came and went. I’m not here to scare anyone just provide some small details whether they mean something to you or not, I’ve stuck around because I believe in this team and its members, you guys will eventually come out with big profits and thank us for being here for you, just wait and see. While other chats come and go WT will ride to the end.

Whaletank Team

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