Alonzo hardfork

Cardano update approved – the Alonzo hardfork about to happen

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The big Cardano update we have all been waiting for, the Alonzo hardfork, has now been confirmed by Charkes Hoskinson.

According to IOHK founder and general manager Charles Hoskinson, “as far as Alonzo hardfork is concerned, everything is fine, and we are on time.” As the network approaches the stage of implementing its smart contracts, he notified the community about the planned Alonzo hardfork in his latest vlog.

You can check Hoskinson’s vlog regarding this piece of news here:

Things are going well for Cardano (ADA)

The team was already ready for the public hardfork Alonzo testnet, according to Hoskinson. The latest testnet will air on September 1, and according to Hoskinson, it will be on the main testnet, not Alonzo Purple, which was released earlier this month.

He added:

“This testnet will be in the Alonzo stage, this is not one of the specialized testnets like Purple and the rest of the testnets. This is the main testnet we use for exchanges and for all other people and other things.”

However, he also mentioned that although the team has come a long way, there is still much to be done. Of course, as we all know, good things in life take time to happen – and this is the road Cardano seems to be approaching. Quality over quantity is something that Hoskinson understands.

Over the weekend, the team worked to ensure everything was up to date with the latest version of DB sync. After completing the Alonzo testnet, the CEO also stated that it will remain there until the updated proposal on September 9.

The team had previously announced September 12 as the launch date for Cardano’s smart contracts, and with Hoskinson’s update on how things are going, the team may be able to meet that target on time.

Alonzo hardfork – Last actions before launch

The IOHK recently announced that it had applied for an upgrade to Cardano testnet to try out the hardfork in the Alonzo era.

IOHK project manager Dimitris Poulopoulos described it as a “significant milestone” for the platform, noting that the team will detect and correct failures by September 12 to maintain network stability.

While the Cardano team is preparing for the long-awaited improvements, Cardano (ADA) is now trading at $2.82, up nearly 116% in the last month. We’ve covered Cardano many times in our articles, and, as you surely know by now, the coin has been showing some real potential. This is, of course, thanks to a great and dedicated team, the hard work that Charles Hoskinson is putting in, and the support from the Cardano community.

This update is believed to finally push Cardano over Ethereum – although many true crypto lovers consider that both coins can coexist, and there’s no need for any competition. The big Alonzo update will be created in three stages – Alonzo Blue, Alonzo White and Alonzo Purple – to enable testing and make sure that the smart contracts work well before switching to the new era.

Will Cardano (ADA) “moon” following Alonzo?

That’s a question that nobody can genuinely answer with enough certainty. All we know is that the Cardano team is putting a lot of effort into this, and the ADA community is looking forward to it. And thus, undoubtedly, this will bring a lot of hype and possibly even bring new cryptocurrency “newbies” to the community.

Cardano has been gaining track and growing fast in the last period, as we’ve all seen. Based on that only, we could think that Alonzo will bring a lot of extra attention to the project – which Hoskinson is sure will happen.

Whaletank Team

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