How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on

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What is is frequently recommended as the most accessible and credible source to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrencies. Coinbase allows you to easily keep track of your virtual currency portfolio with just a few clicks.

With the “recurring buy” option, you can schedule daily transactions, making everything much simpler – from buying to even trading.

In addition to a web and a mobile bitcoin wallet, Coinbase offers a virtual safe where you can keep your funds out of the hands of hackers and cybercriminals. Also, the iOS and Android apps will help you always be close to your portfolio from anywhere around the world, using only an internet connection and a smartphone.

How to register on Coinbase

The first step to buying your first cryptos on Coinbase is to create an account. You will be able to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies with ease and have access to simple payment methods to turn your local currency into cryptocurrencies or vice versa.

The second step is to connect your bank account to Once you log in, you connect your bank account, and you can start. You will, of course, have to go through a few steps to verify your accounts before you can use the site’s services, but they are all meant to ensure that your future transactions take place in the safest way possible. Once the verification is complete, you can start buying cryptos.

In the third step, all you have to do is buy any crypto you choose. After initiating your first purchase, Coinbase will validate your account and deliver the cryptocurrencies.

How to buy your first ever crypto on

Once you have finished creating your account on the portal, all you have to do is buy cryptocurrencies. First of all, you will need to have a credit card and a bank account that needs to be linked to the platform.

To buy cryptos, simply go to the Selling / Buying page and choose the amount you want to spend. From the menu, select one of the credit or debit cards linked to your account, and the money will be withdrawn from the card. When you click on “Complete”, the cryptocurrencies should show up in your virtual wallet in just a few minutes.

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies using your smartphone

With you can also buy cryptocurrencies from your mobile phone. After installing the application for iOS or Android, log in with your data and click Buy or Sell from the main menu. Again, enter the amount you would like to purchase or sell and select the source from which you want the platform to withdraw your money for the payment.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrencies on

Every online bitcoin trading service has its advantages. In the case of, one of the main advantages is reputation. A lot of the new members of the crypto world are confidently buying cryptocurrencies here, thanks to the notoriety that the platform has gained over the years. Being extremely popular, the platform never lacks buyers or sellers.

You can also buy up to $1,000 in bitcoins per week automatically using the scheduled payment method. Coinbase users can also send their cryptocurrencies to each other exceptionally easily and deposit the money obtained from trading cryptos simply by switching to other currencies and transferring directly to their bank accounts.

No one can ever question the reputation that Coinbase has created over the years. The portal is indeed one of the best known and most used around the world. Buying and selling cryptos on this platform is simple, fast, and everything is done very securely. If you’re looking to buy your first ever cryptos, you can consider Coinbase!

Whaletank Team

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