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Busta Rhymes Joins the List of Artists who get Paid in Bitcoin

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The famous American rapper, Busta Rhymes, has confirmed that he is a Bitcoin believer and already owns some – and wants to be paid in BTC.

Rhymes made a fuss on Twitter when he initially expressed interest in cryptocurrencies in a post. The rapper seemed curious about digital assets and asked his followers if they were familiar with cryptocurrencies. And thus, the rapper’s fans began to recommend their favorite coins to the artist. All the recommendations must have been overwhelming for Busta Rhymes.

The rapper’s interest in Crypto has only increased as a result. Rhymes became even more curious and seeing this, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy took the opportunity to point the rapper’s attention to his information hub – Bitcoin is Hope.

Rhymes went to Twitter many times following his first tweet regarding the topic, asking lots of questions to try making the best possible decisions he can, and asking about Shiba Inu, Doge, and others.

What Crypto should Busta Rhymes invest in?

After his first tweet regarding cryptocurrency, the rapper thanked his fans for educating him on the subject. Most likely, he began to look for alternatives and do plenty of research on his own. He continued to tweet about cryptocurrencies, talking about their fluctuating prices and how cryptocurrencies are gaining value. Rhymes’ curiosity in Crypto even led to the idea of ​​introducing them as a subject in schools. According to Rhymes, it would be good for young kids to become educated about these things as they prepare for adulthood.

After all the sales releases, the rapper seemed to have finally made a choice. Busta Rhymes later wrote on Twitter that he chose to invest in Bitcoin after attending the B-Word conference attended by Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Cathie Wood. But the hip-hop star didn’t stop here. In his tweet, he mentioned that he intends to buy Ethereum in the future.

Rhymes decides to be paid in Bitcoin for his performances

Busta Rhymes’ interest in BTC made the rapper think about whether he should begin getting payments for his shows in BTC. A post made on Twitter surprised the rapper asking about accepting Bitcoin payments for shows. And not only that, he is thinking of being paid in BTC for any of the future businesses in which he will collaborate.

The rapper continues to go on Twitter to discuss ideas with his followers or ask questions regarding the crypto scene. Regardless, Busta Rhymes has undoubtedly joined the crypto boat and is looking forward to investing as much as he can, once again confirming that many huge popularities are true crypto believers. Whether asking if his followers would instead get paid $10k in cash or BTC, saying “Good Morning” to his “BTC Family,” and reposting articles about his crypto journey, the rapper seems to be all over Twitter speaking about cryptocurrencies.

Getting paid in Bitcoin for various services is no longer a new idea for celebrities. The transfer of football superstar Lionel Messi to PSG was also huge news for the crypto scene, as Messi received plenty of the club’s own Crypto – Paris Saint-German Fan Token – you can read our article; about this if you’d like to know more!

Celebrities seem to be taking a lot of interest in Bitcoin these days, and it’s no wonder, considering how well the market is performing now. More talk about Crypto, especially from people with millions of followers, is always a great piece of news. The more people hear about it, the better it will be for all cryptocurrencies!

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