Binance Offer No Assistance For A Hacked Account

Binance Offer No Assistance For A Hacked Account

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Binance support is failing us once again.

This time our team member lost 25 BTC due to someone hacking his Binance account.
Our analyst noticed strange activity on his account before the funds were stolen, a request was sent to Binance to freeze his account.
Unfortunately, they completely ignored the request. A second attempt was made to limit the daily withdrawal limit., also fallen on deaf ears.
Days later, the money is gone, Binance refuses to refund or even offer any assistance, they demanded to file a police report and send them the case number to assist in the matter,
Case number was sent just to find out they would still do nothing.
If Binance seeks to continue placing itself as one of the leaders in this industry, we expect much better assistance in such cases.
We are still waiting for a better solution from Binance on this matter.

To view all the support conversation with Binance support team click:

Binance Online Support Screenshots

More Details And Screenshots

Whaletank Team

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