1INCH partners with NFT animated series “Take My Muffin”

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Two days ago, the decentralized exchange aggregator platform 1INCH, announced a new collaboration with the animated series “Take My Muffin”. The multimedia animation series aims to be co-created by the crypto community and with the help of a professional animation studio.

The NFT animated series “Take My Muffin” is sponsored by 1INCH Network

A new series of animated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “Take My Muffin” has announced a massive partnership with the DEX aggregator, 1INCH. Anton Bukov, the co-founder of the 1INCH network, says the two teams are excited to work together and stressed: “A partnership of this kind comes as no surprise”. The company behind the 1INCH network will sponsor the NFT animated series.

“Take My Muffin was financed by the crypto-community from the very beginning; it’s the very first crypto-funded animated series, while the 1inch Network is one of the most promising and successful projects in the crypto space,” said Bukov in a statement.

You can watch the trailer for the NFT animated series “Take My Muffin” here:

What is “Take My Muffin” and how come it is an NFT animated series?

The show “Take My Muffin” describes the life of a unicorn named “Korney” who woke up one day after a car accident and lost his memory. According to the creators of Take My Muffin, Toonbox Studio funded the digital coin series. There are also TMM NFT tokens that give users access to special features.

“Take My Muffin” producers say the show features various modern technical elements, including decentralized financing.

Toonbox Studio is located in Cyprus but has writers, animators, actors, and producers worldwide. The 1INCH partnership announcement explains that the animated series will be launched in 2022.

“Take My Muffin, an animated series for adults, will be released in the first half of 2022 in the 2×2 TV broadcast network and in the PREMIER streaming service”, the announcement mentioned. The production plan is set to include three seasons, with each being of 10 episodes.

Pavel Muntyan, the series producer, is looking forward to collaborating with the 1INCH network, as the show will feature plenty of exciting elements. “The plot of ‘Take My Muffin’ entwines a variety of modern tech elements, including decentralized finance (defi) and other blockchain-based solutions,” Muntyan said.

The producer also added that since the show’s plot will be featuring many crypto references, working together with a big company in the crypto scene is a “natural development”.

The NFT and blockchain entertainment media era

Take My Muffin isn’t going to be the single NFT based series. The entertainment giant Fox also produces an animated series that is set to include non-fungible assets in tokens (NFTs). In addition, Fox teamed up with Bento Box and launched a $100 million NFT creator fund. This shows that the NFT industry is here to stay, and it will probably continue growing for a long time.

So far, many artists have been selling their art, whether it be music, videos, short animations, digital art, and many more as Non Fungible Tokens, and most of them have had tremendous success doing so. For example, a digital picture named “Hairy” created by DJ Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco has been sold for $888,888 in March 2021.

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