We get results

There are hundreds of coins that have great potential – but also some that are a scam. Our advice is based on quantitative and qualitative research and not market hype or “gut feelings”. We don’t work based on hunches, and we don’t panic when the market is acting irrationally. At Whaletank we dig deep and provide sound advice based on hard-cold numbers and the most cutting edge analysis. The basis to all our activities is helping you make incredible gains and high returns on your investments. We work day and night to bring you the most up to date signals and information. Making gains cannot only depend on one coin’s activity – and we’ll show you how to ensure you’ll still stay on top no matter how the market behaves.

About Whaletank

Whaletank’s mission is to create wealth for clients in the crypto economy by providing safety in a volatile and confusing trading environment. Our recommendations have the security of long term coins while taking advantage of short term market swings.

Understanding this market may seem like mission impossible, but by applying the right technical analysis tools we’re able to predict movements very accurately, giving our clients high impact advice with high success rates.

We don’t “pump-and-dump” crypto assets for a quick buck. We take your investments seriously as your success is the best proof of our success.