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About Whaletank.

Whaletank’s mission is to create wealth for clients in the crypto economy by providing safety in a volatile and confusing trading environment. Our recommendations have the security of long term coins while taking advantage of short term market swings.

Understanding this market may seem like mission impossible, but by applying the right technical analysis tools we’re able to predict movements very accurately, giving our clients high impact advice with high success rates.

Why are people choosing Whaletank?

High returns, diversified portfolio, long term thinking
High returns

Your success is our ultimate goal, and our reputation depends on it.

Solid advice

Our advice is based on quantitative and qualitative research, not hunches.


With the agility of a start-up, we offer an extensive range of real-time technological tools for better performance.

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We’ll show you how to stay on top no matter how the market behaves.

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What are people saying?

Here is how we’ve helped our clients
WhaleTank team you're the best! ❤️ I joined early December and trippled my BTC value, like many other members in the premium forum. It is amazing especially when taking into account that the market behaved like a rollercoaster at that period. One of the most important things is that I feel my money is safe, knowing you are extremely responsible eith your advices. Thanks a lot!!
Tortuga, Unknown
Daniel and the team are true miracle makers. The premium subscription (even if it represents half of your crypto bankroll) is the best investment you will ever make, period. We can only hope they keep sharing with the community in such a professional, warm and PRECISE manner. Daniel, Brian and the rest of the team, thank you and keep rocking!!!
Tortuga, Unknown
My best present for Christmas was that I am on WhaleTank Premium!!! From 24.12.2017 y. I am doubled my bitcoins value.
Tortuga, Unknown
I joined WT start november with little money (very little, believe me) has grown now above my heighest dreams..thx to the holding portfolio i can see a bright future coming with no stress. WT provides great signals but also secures my savings! Great job, best decision of my life! Hugs!!
Tortuga, Unknown
You make my trading life easier, all of you here. I've been trading for 15 years, I've seen a lot of crypto channels that are pure scam, only P&D, never joined them, but I did join this one, so there's also an answer to my level of comfort/happiness towards WhaleTank 🙂
Tortuga, Unknown

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Ultimate Cryptocurrency Signals. We provide only educated signals. News, tips, tweets included. Make up to 400% on a single trade. Highly professional & experienced team. Average signal profits of 25%.

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Your financial future is with us.

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